Lightning Dust
Calgary Folk Fest

Lightning Dust

from Vancouver, BC

Black Mountain cohorts Amber Webber and Joshua Wells find a bare-bones niche with Lightning Dust, escaping the comforts of their familiar instruments and writing styles. Spacious arrangements and Webber’s smokey, weathered vocals create songs that creep into your bones with a haunting chill.

Their heart-pounding narratives move from stringed ballads and swirling acid-laced folk to mid-tempo strollers and haunting dirges, complemented by airy drums and eerie keyboards. It’s a hypnotic, uplifting mélange of sounds and senses; songs that feel more unearthed than constructed. Their stream of consciousness lyrics lead listeners to bouts of insomnia, loaded guns and smoked out cities. Like lightning, their music cuts straight through and leaves you blinded and awestruck and, like dust, quietly pervades every nook and cranny with tangible reminders of what once was.

Biography by Derek McEwen


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