Molly Sarlé
Calgary Folk Fest

Molly Sarlé

from Los Angeles, CA

The American singer-songwriter isn’t a cynic; she’s more about letting her feelings flow, taking her audiences through breezy highs and bittersweet lows. As stark and solitary as it sometimes sounds, her music is an exercise in humanity and connection, drawing listeners in with a clear voice and open heart.

Sarlé’s voice may be vaguely familiar to casual listeners: she cut her teeth as one third of the folk trio Mountain Man, hitting the road in support of her good friend Feist. When Sarlé dismayed that she wasn’t finding her voice within the group, her famous friend advised her to take things solo, giving her permission to fully soar. From there, Sarlé recorded her debut album Karaoke Angel, an ethereal collection of her gentle and introspective guitar ‘n’ synth-based songs. Sarlé seems to keenly absorb the aura of her surroundings — drawing in the cool vibes of the West Coast, the earthiness of the South, and the ghosts of Woodstock for a result that marries country folk with modern indie sensibilities. Her classic influences float towards the clouds, but never get too far from the earth below.

Biography by Elizabeth Chorney Booth


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