Calgary Folk Fest


from Argenta, BC

There was a time long ago when the banjo and the synth were not friends. That was then. Now is the time for Moontricks. The B.C. duo Sean Rodman and Nathan “Nog” Gurley marry the most organic of acoustic instrument sounds – banjos, guitars, etc. ­­– with beats and samples. The results are hypnotic and crowd-pleasing foot stomping rootsy soulful danceable jams. In fact, it kind of makes sense that the relative isolation of the Kootenay Mountains of B.C. spawned this mashed up ground breaking techno-roots duo known for infusing folk-blues with infectious bass-boosted rhythms. Yes, the plink plunk of the banjo is analogue but so are many of their samples. At least they start out that way. The guys are known to record rocks smashing against seashells, snowballs hitting a tree and twigs rubbing against pine boughs and then digitally twisting them into throbbing beats and swooshing swooshes. They’ve already had one breakout hit “Home” that hit one million streams. And their music frequently sets the mood for movies and TV shows. Moontricks is at home at a folk festival one day and an electronica fest the next which means they’ll be right at home for our adventurous audience in Calgary.

Biography by Eric Rosenbaum


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