First things first: it is supremely unfair to silo the Austin, TX band Spoon as an “indie rock” act. It would be more accurate (and deserved) to characterize them as simply one of the great rock and roll bands of recent decades. Led by primary songwriter Britt Daniel, the band issues masterfully slow burning songs that at first listen appear straightforward, expertly crafted to sound as simple as possible. Put on a pair of headphones and you enter a world of flourishes of guitar, keyboards, and electronics layered atop, amidst and underneath song after flawless song, album after flawless album. Stripped down but never dull, this is peak songwriting, weaving seemingly offhand tales with a tension that implies something much bigger. It is music that transcends era and influences, instantly recognizable and offering an entirely singular sound that is economical on a grand scale. Self-assuredly cool and tightly wound, Spoon – the band and their music – brings a swagger that stands alone, rightfully unconcerned with peers or trends or critics. You would be forgiven if you mistook them for effortless – it happens on the rare occasion one encounters mastery.

Biography by Derek McEwen


Saturday July 23, 2022

10:15 PM – 11:30 PM · ATB Mainstage Stage 1