Xênia França
Calgary Folk Fest

Xênia França

from Brazil

The northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia has gifted the world with many exciting, intriguing exports: samba, capoeira, music legends Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé and Gal Costa. Add now one more claim to Bahian fame: Xenia França, whose debut album Xenia and its single “Pra Que Me Chamas?” were nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2018. Not unlike capoeira, an amalgamation of athleticism, dance and music developed by enslaved Africans, França’s unique sound is built from traditional, polyrhythmic percussion and samba intersect with modern electronica, jazz and R&B. França pays tribute to the history and the culture of Bahia and the African diaspora by enshrining it in a captivating sound and stage show. Her tirelessly proud revival and amplification of Afro-Brazilian ancestrality is another reason França is seen by so many as a symbol of female empowerment. By joining her musical heritage with inspirations taken from influences that range from Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to Cuban music, França has created a new musical journey that leads straight to the centre of Bahia.

Biography by Chantal Vitalis


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