Weekend's worth of Festival Memories

Posted by on 1 August 2006

Calgary Herald, Monday, July 31, 2006


- All praise the tweeners, those acts who played for 15 minutes while crew members change sets behind them. Best tweener moment of the weekend: New Orleans native John Boutte singing a soaring rendition of Annie Lennox's Why as the crew assembled the set for Macy Gray's band;


- Everybody who sold their unused folk fest tickets at face value, rather than scalping them. Now we're talking fair trade! (Do they have any Flames tickets?);


- Arguing about the state of radio in the beer garden with other radio fans;


- Feist singing with Broken Social Scene on a steamy Thursday night, kicking the weekend into high gear on opening night;


- Macy Gray singing and her backup singers dancing an oompah song like some sort of demented LA Octoberfest band. Lowlight: Macy's between-song patter, which Lenny Bruce would have found objectionable. It's time to break a few new verbs into your patter, Macy.