Lana Gay, Radio 3: The Calgary Folk Music Festival Highlights, Photos and Gallery Part 1

Posted by Johanna on 27 July 2011

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Within my first 36 hours in Calgary I strolled through the impressive Cantos Music Foundation collection, saw the plans for the upcoming National Music Centre, did a live music pub crawl, rafted down the Bow River with Dan Vacon (The Dudes) and Kris Demeanor (Cutest Kitten Ever) and experienced The Calgary Folk Music Festival in the rain (which is actually lovelier than it may sound).  Here are some highlights:

Memorable Tour: Whether you’re a musician or a music fan, you will appreciate the Cantos Music Foundation. Their collection is incredible and features over 700 items - from a450 year old harpsichord to one of the first Moog Modular Synths. Almost all of the instruments are playable. You have to make an appointment, but it's very worth it.

I Noticed... the rain didn’t get the crowd down. From the “tarpies” camping out under tarps and umbrellas to reserve their spot, to the muddy beer garden, it was basically business as usual despite the soggy grounds.

Notable Performances: Bonnie “Prince” BillyPatrick WatsonC.R. AveryGhostkeeper and Sex With Strangers (at Broken City)

I also went rafting down Bow River while Dan Vacon and Kris Demeanor perfromed. I still can’t believe it! It was a great way to see Calgary and experience local music, you know, while floating down a river.

Quote of the day: “Where’s that Folk Fest smile? It’s just rain, it’ll pass soon.” ~ CFMF volunteer, checking badges in the middle of a downpour

Foodstuff: Hotel Arts has some sort of delicious chocolate covered pop rock creation. I think I’ve eaten 8 of them just today.

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