Lucas Meyer, 660 News: Calgary Folk Festival wraps at Prince's Island Park

Posted by on 30 July 2012

Randy Newman and Iron and Wine will close out the annual Calgary Folk Festival Sunday night, which many fans say has lived up to the hype.

Among the festival-goers with lawn chairs in hand is Lee from Calgary, who said after putting off going to the show for years, it was time to take it in.

"Fantastic, it's our first time, we've always threatened to come down, never have, so this year we decided to come down and it's been a blast," he said.

Kyle is a veteran of the festival on his fourth campaign and said the music hasn't disappointed.

"We didn't really come to see anybody, but I thought Whitehorse was quite good, Beirut was quite good, Chris Isaak was great on Thursday night," he said.

 Leona has been at the show for the full four days in 2012 and said it won't be her last.

"I've been to past ones and my girlfriend that I am here with today, I think she's been to about 25 of them," she said. "I'm definitely coming back again, again and again."

Some of her favourite acts have included Bettye LaVette and Chris Isaak.

Many parents have also brought their children to the festival, including Mike with his two young boys.

"The last time we were here, they were very, very little, so we're going to see, hopefully it's a good day and we enjoy ourselves," he said. 

Heather isn't alone either visiting the park, hand in hand with her young children and there are a couple of acts that have really stood out.

"Serena Ryder yesterday was amazing, she's got such a beautiful voice and I loved Chris Isaak on Thursday night," she said.

The weather hasn't been completely perfect this weekend, with some rain coming down Saturday, but Heather added it was beneficial. 

"It just cooled everything down, it was really nice actually." 

Travis said he's been going to the festival for about eight years and along with the music, there is a certain venue of at the site he's enjoyed.

 "I was here to see Junior Brown and he did not disappoint and everyone else was really good, so were the beer gardens," he said.