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Making a splash in 2013

Posted by Cadence Mandybura on 2 January 2014

For Calgarians, 2013 will always be the year of the flood. Even for those unaffected by floodwater, the disaster now hovers in our city’s atmosphere and has changed the tenor of our conversations. And despite everything that was lost — homes, businesses, treasured belongings...

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Mike Bell’s best concerts of 2013

Posted by Mike Bell on 1 January 2014

The flood. Every conversation about Calgary over the course of the past 12 months begins and ends with the F-word.   As minor a complaint when compared with much of what many went through — the loss of lives, livelihoods, homes, possessions, etc. —...

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Joy To The World

Posted by Mike Bell, Calgary Herald on 17 December 2013

Karl Wallinger is a joy. No. Strike that, Karl Wallinger is joy. Speaking with the artist prior to his folk fest appearance on Sunday he exudes it, he personifies it and he provides it - even though he's a long distance call, seven hours...

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The best of the 2013 Calgary Folk Music festival

Posted by Rhiannon M. Kirkland on 8 August 2013

The annual Calgary Folk Music Festival took over Prince’s Island Park for four days–July 25 to 28–as 13,000 spectators, volunteers and musicians took part in the eclectic and wonderful mix of music on offer. This year’s event was even more impressive given that the...

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Calgary Folk fest survives, thrives despite weather, flood issues

Posted by Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald on 29 July 2013

Artistic director Kerry Clarke calls it “the collective ‘phew!’” Having mostly avoided bad weather over four days The Calgary Folk Music Festival rolled into its last day with temperamental clouds hovering above but a general feeling of relief. Despite the great flood of 2013 nearly...

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Mixtape Improv’s Renee Amber wants to add a laugh track to folk fest

Posted by Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald on 29 July 2013

Renee Amber counts on the fact that every single person experiences life with their own personal soundtrack playing in the background. The Calgary improv comic, just back from working as an alternate to Rebecca Northan in Blind Date in London, and comedy partner Stephen Kent,...

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AUX does Calgary Folk Music Festival: Van Etten, My Brightest Diamond stun on day threeolk Music Fes

Posted by Mark Teo on 28 July 2013

                        For our third, and final, day of the Calgary Folk Music festival, we opted for a different approach: We went mellow. Instead of running around frantically between sets and negotiating shoulder-to-shoulder crowds of revelers, we decided to go discovery-first—and largely stuck by the Local 510...

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AUX does Calgary Folk Music Festival: Hayden, Bahamas, workshops were highlights on day twoFolk Musi

Posted by Mark Teo on 27 July 2013

                                    While the Calgary Folk Music Festival got off to a solid start—we really loved M. Ward’s performance on Thursday—it felt like Friday’s festivities really got the fun started. Indeed, it felt like half of Calgary took the day off work, with tarp-wielding fest-goers lining...

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Blind Boy Paxton hits the flood trifecta

Posted by Stephen Hunt on 27 July 2013

Blind Boy Paxton hit a flood trifecta, of sorts, with his appearance at the 2013 Calgary Folk Music Festival. With roots in Louisiana, he has plenty of relatives in New Orleans, which got the granddaddy of all the floods from the fallout of Hurrican...

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AUX does Calgary Folk Music Festival: M. Ward, Alabama Shakes, and flood recovery lead day one

Posted by Mark Teo on 26 July 2013

                      If you’ve never experienced the Calgary Folk Music Festival, it’s difficult to explain its appeal: The fest has a certain idyll that most other summer bashes don’t. It’s thanks to its diverse programming, sure, but it’s also all about location—it all goes down on...

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