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It's a festival, let there be beer

Posted by Dave Breakenridge, Calgary Sun on 26 July 2013

If I have one complaint about the Calgary Folk Music Festival, and it’s hard to find fault with the fest, it’s how they sell beer. Okay, I’m also not pleased they scheduled Elliott Brood at the same time as Steve Earle, but that’s forgivable,...

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Elliott Brood looks to the past

Posted by Amanda Ash on 26 July 2013

Mark Sasso is painting the trim of his house. In the background, his dog barks at a field mouse that's crept into his Toronto yard. The vocalist for Toronto death country trio Elliott Brood enjoys these little pleasures. For a small band, Sasso says they...

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M. Ward unleashes blissful folk fest feel

Posted by Mike Bell on 26 July 2013


Calgary Folk Music Festival Thursday night at Prince's Island Park featuring Alabama Shakes, M. Ward and others. Attendance: Sold out. Something slightly off. Almost imperceptible, really. But there was something slightly askew with much of the opening night of the Calgary Folk Music Festival. The mood was dipped...

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Thank Goodness The Folk Fest Isn't Gone

Posted by Mike Morrision on 25 July 2013

In her song, Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell poetically sang “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” It’s a song that I’ve thought about a lot over the past couple of weeks, especially because we came so close to losing so much....

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Booming, powerful and gritty

25 July 2013

The first thing you notice about Samantha Martin is the same thing her grade school teachers did: her voice. No, she wasn’t discovered by an A&R type — she was first noticed by a teacher, who raved to the rest of the school...

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Dazed and Enthused

Posted by Mark Teo on 25 July 2013

There are few artists that embody the Calgary Folk Music Festival’s open-ended approach to programming better than Kurt Vile. See, Vile isn’t exactly a cut-and-dry roots-fest type: He didn’t build his rep playing house shows in rural Manitoba. Vile first emerged in the mid-’00s with...

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Sharon Van Etten plans working vacation around folk fest

Posted by Mike Bell on 25 July 2013

When Sharon Van Etten released her gorgeous third album Tramp, there was a conversation and there was lamentation that she wouldn’t be making the city part of her touring plans any time in the near future. Well, a year later — a very full and something...

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Flood fails to fold up Calgary Folk Festival

Posted by Lisa Wilton on 25 July 2013

There wasn’t much Kerry Clarke could do but watch as last month’s flood waters swallowed up a huge portion of Prince’s Island Park. The Calgary Folk Music Festival’s artistic director was understandably concerned about how the extensive damage on the island would affect this year’s...

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Tarpies rejoice as Calgary Folk Music Fest forges on

Posted by Katie Turner on 25 July 2013

With a lineup of hundreds snaking through Prince’s Island Park hours before the gates to Calgary Folk Music Festival opened, it may be difficult to tell the festival’s location was underwater just over a month ago. The annual running, or fast-paced walk, of the...

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Folk Fest not flustered by floods

Posted by Colleen Schmidt on 25 July 2013

Organizers of the 34th annual Calgary Folk Music Festival say the show will go on at Prince’s Island Park thanks to the efforts of parks crews and hundreds of volunteers. The island was covered with water from the Bow River and festival officials were uncertain...

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