Folk Fest draws thousands to Prince's Island Park

Posted by Tom Ross on 29 July 2017

Folk Fest draws thousands to Prince's Island Park
Calgary Folk Fest

It’s another hot and sunny day outside but that’s not stopping thousands of people from checking out the Calgary Folk Music Festival at Prince’s Island Park.

660 NEWS caught up with festival goers, including Steve who was seeking refuge under a tree Saturday afternoon.
“I still have to hide in the stage or I’ll get burnt,” adding he likes to check out the workshops. “they put four or five bands or artists on stage and one person will kick off their song, they’ll be like ‘hey, it’s in the key of G, come in whenever you feel good.’ And everyone comes in and sometimes we’ll trade off solos and stuff, it’s pretty entertaining.”

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Kat loves that it’s sunny this time, compared to the soggy-fest last year.

“We’ve been here so many times when it’s been cold and rainy, so this is a preference for sure,” she said.

There’s no shortage of music with seven stages all blasting tunes. It continues into the evening then begins again at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.