Artist Blog: Eccodek

Posted by on 20 August 2007

From Eccodek's MySpace blog

Back again friends of the 'Dek. Well it looks like the good ship eccodek is winding down its west coast global groove juggernaut and Calgary couldn't be a more fitting place to say so long to the many and varied fans and friends we've made.

After what could only be called a marathon drive from Prince George, BC (google it friends and you'll understand what i mean by marathon), driving 9 hours in total darkness, we pull into the Cal-town unwashed and somewhat dazed as the expression goes. In total, we end up seeing one moose, one owl, one cougar (damn!), several elk, deer and a couple of wolves. When we compare notes with our friends in Watermelon Slim and the Workers from Oklahoma city (they rock by the way) who have tag teaming us for the last few days both on and off the stage, we realise that we are the wildlife winners on our journey. Yes, the red, white and maple rules the road again! Haha!!!

Calgary welcomes us like every other city we've pulled into-with open arms and enthusiastic support for our strange musical brew. We play a workshop with zero sleep and thrown backs, weak stomachs and blank looks with the Jamaica to Toronto crew and Kiwi gem Paul Ubana Jones (?) that positively sizzles with island vibes, south pacific sensibilities and our own weirdo electro fusion dub. Noone is sitting in the hot sun by the end of it. Bam! We even lose the main P.A. system at one point which has the eccodek boys all grinning ear to ear, since we seem to have a bit of a tendencey to mess with the local power wherever we play. The universe is listening indeed and needs more circuit breakers it would seem.

After diffusing that musical bomb, we go to regroup, shower off the road fatigue and get ready for our feature performance at 7.30. The show is beautiful and warmly received by a tentative but altogether commited crowd, stretched across the hills and fields of Calgary folk fest. Like at Starbelly Jam a week before in the Kootenay Hills, our set is accompanied by the most poetic sunset, sending folks into a bucolic and blissful state of sun drenched oblivion. Nice. Our new percussion friend from Calgary, Brent Van Dusen, positively rips on congas, bongos and assorted hand percussion. No wonder everyone around here said he was the shit. Awesome!

Today we get ready to do a workshop with Lubo Alexandrov and a fabulous new discovery The Hummers from Winnipeg. These guys do a strange mix of dub, jam band, turntablism and twisted break beat and jazz. Positively infectious. We can't wait to spar with these guys on stage. More on them later.

And then eccodek is given the honour tonight of closing the festival down at the final party for all the volunteers and performers. We are stoked as it's in the more intimate vibes that eccodek really connects the dots with their audience. We hope to have each and every pelvis in our command after song 1. We hope.........

Well faithful readers of the Blog, that's it for now. Gotta collect my musical mind and get over to where the music never seems to stop. Peace in until later.