Lana Gay, Radio 3: The Calgary Folk Music Festival Highlights, Gallery and Playlists Part 2

Posted by Johanna on 26 July 2011

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My experience at Calgary Folk Music Festival was nothing shy of incredible. My first 2 days included checking out the Cantos Music Foundation and getting serenaded down the Bow River by Dan Vacon (The Dudes) – you can read about it here.

Photos and playlists

By Saturday the rain had ended and it was all blue skies and sweet music. It felt like the entire city was in Prince’s Island Park! Here are some highlights:

Memorable Performances: Edmonton hip hop met the Calgary Folk Fest as Cadence Weapon performed his first CFMF set on Saturday. He was also part of the fantastic Beat Down workshop with Socalled, Yohimbe Brothers and SocialLybrium (featuring the legendary Bernie Worrell of Funkadelic). My only regret is not filming the jam session.

Imaginary Cities packed stage 6 for mid afternoon performance that earned them a standing ovation. I could listen to Marti sing all day.

 Added to the ‘Concert Moments I Will Never Forget’ list: The instant 
K.D. Lang began ‘Hallelujah’ the entire crowd fell silent. Her passionate performance and interpretation brought tears to my eyes. 

Quote of the day: "Hey Calgary, I didn't recognize you without your tarps and your lawn chairs" ~Socalled at Saturday's Folk Fest after party, which had everyone on their feet and dancing up a storm.

Foodstuff: Though there were food carts featuring cuisines from around the world, I went straight for the mini donuts, frozen lemonade and kettle corn. I would like to pitch this flavor combo to Ben & Jerry’s.

It Takes a Village: There are over 1600 volunteers that help Calgary Folk Fest remain the organized and well run festival that it is. Thank you!

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