New Depression: Gillian Turnbull, blogger

Posted by Johanna on 2 August 2011

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It’s taken me nearly a week to get over how soaked I got at last week’s Calgary Folk Fest.  Granted, I don’t get along well with rain, but in 17 years of attending the festival, and even in the week that I spent in St. John’s before the festival, I have never been so cold and wet.  At one point during Matt Andersen’s set, my friend glanced over at me in a double hood, drenched jeans, and umbrella and said, “You look miserable.”  I guess I was...but I found out it was nothing that a warm bar and a beer couldn’t fix.  Luckily, the skies cleared for the end of Friday night’s set, and the rest of the weekend was sunny and warm.

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