I'm Mr Fabulous: The greenest festival in Canada

Posted by on 30 July 2012

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This weekend Calgary was host to a variety of great artists at the 33rd annual Folk Music Festival. Arguably the largest festival of its kind in Canada, this fest has more to be proud of than just its musical prowess.

I decided this year to take a tour behind the scenes to see why this festival was the only one in Canada to receive the prestigious ‘A Greener Festival Award’; A UK-based award that only saw 46 winners World Wide in 2011.

So why the Calgary Folk Fest?

Last year they were able to divert 60% of their waste out of landfills by starting some pretty nifty green initiatives, and this year plan to up that number to 75%!

The eco team of 80 people have set up 12 recycling stations on the island and they are the only place to dispose of unwanted goods, creating a consistent process for festival goers 

The food vendors are also a part of the process. It has contracted that all vendors use compostable food wear and in most cases purchased meals are sold on a reusable porcelain plate where a $2 deposit is taken and reimbursed upon its safe return. 

Now to quench your thirst, you wont find any water for sale at the event. Thanks to their corporate sponsors, water stations have been brought in and you are able to fill your reusable water bottles or sip from the fountain at no cost.

Lastly, I was quite impressed with their creative mode of transportation.

Moving forward the festival hopes to remove all motorized golf carts and replace them with energy capturing bicycles 

A hybrid between an electric and man powered, the bike produces no emissions and can be easily configured to transport 4-6 artists around the grounds.

With such a compassionate team, it’s no wonder this event has been recognized for its work and continues to strive for better.

With so many outdoor festivals in Canada, other event planners should take notice of what the hard-working team at the Calgary Folk Music Festival are up to. 

They’re do-gooders making it look easy!

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