2013 Press

Thievery Corporation thrives on constant evolution

Posted by Eric Volmers on 25 July 2013

For an act that has thrived on defying expectations over the past 18 years, news that Thievery Corporation is heading in a new direction shouldn’t really take their hardcore fan base by surprise. Granted, this new direction will be short-lived, promises Rob Garza, one half...

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Flood fails to fold up Calgary Folk Festival

Posted by Lisa Wilton on 24 July 2013

There wasn’t much Kerry Clarke could do but watch as last month’s flood waters swallowed up a huge portion of Prince’s Island Park. The Calgary Folk Music Festival’s artistic director was understandably concerned about how the extensive damage on the island would affect this year’s...

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Australian troubadour weaves musical magic across Western Canada

24 July 2013

Australia's most famous musical export may well be the diesel-fueled anthem rock of AC/DC, but there's another facet to the country's musical landscape. Whether it's the country's profound isolation at the bottom of the world, or the immensity of its empty spaces, Down Under seems...

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Hope lingesr for Creedence Clearwater revival

Posted by Mike Bell on 24 July 2013

Almost exactly two years ago, as he was heading to Calgary to perform at the Stampede Roundup, John Fogerty gave an interview to the Herald that was picked up around the globe. It was one of the first times the singer-songwriter had gone on...

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M Ward strays from indie ways

Posted by Eric Volmers on 24 July 2013

For critically acclaimed cult artists, there are perils to flirting with mainstream success. Now that singer-songwriter M. Ward is increasingly associated with She & Him, the duo he formed with actress-singer Zooey Deschanel, his admirers in the media seem to have become increasingly vigilant in...

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Fans embracing world-music blend

Posted by Eric Volmers on 24 July 2013

Having criss-crossed Canada and beyond for more than 20 years as a singer-songwriter, it's not as if Danny Michel is a newbie when it comes to dealing with the headaches of touring. But the 42-year-old does sound legitimately frazzled on the phone from Vancouver, where...

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Shiv Shanks - wherever the wind takes you

Posted by Ernesto Tomas on 1 July 2013

“I try to live in a way where I can walk wherever I need to. If you let your life fall to chance and you just let the wind blow you along, you can wind up in some interesting places,” says ex-bouncer Brett...

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My Brightest Diamond

Posted by Nick Laugher on 1 July 2013

Operatic, cinematic and just plain electrifying, it’s hard to believe that Shara Worden, better known as the ephemeral frontwoman and driving force behind the brooding, orchestral deluge that is My Brightest Diamond, has largely been composing and working on music without the aid of...

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Bahamas - finding inspiration in a cup of coffee

Posted by Amanda Taylor on 1 July 2013

Canadians find paradise in Toronto-based folk rock band, Bahamas. Backed by an enthusiastic fanbase, Afie Jurvanen, under the solo moniker Bahamas, joins the lineup for the 2013 Calgary Folk Music Festival. Bahamas has demonstrated obvious musical talent in his first two albums, Pink Strat (2009),...

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Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer

Posted by Colleen Krueger on 1 July 2013

Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer have been rolling with the punches since they met in 2006. The blues duo have stripped it down to the essentials: Shawn Hall sings the blues, while shredding on the harp as the “The Harpoonist,” while Matthew Rogers tears...

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