Dollar, Economy Pack Double Hit to Calgary Folk Fest

Posted by Stephanie Froese and 660 News Staff on 21 July 2015

The Calgary Folk Festival gets underway Thursday and organizers are hoping that ticket sales will pick up.

Debbi Salmonsen, the festival director, told 660News they are feeling the effects of the local economy as ticket sales were down about 10 per cent by Tuesday.

“This week we’ve seen a real increase in last minute buyers wanting to buy tickets,” Salmonsen said as phones rang in the background of festival centre of operations.

“For those who may be watching their dollars, a staycation, this is a great way, whether you come for all four days or one day, to have a really good time with your family.”

Salmonsen said the Folk Festival is the victim of a double whammy; not only are ticket sales down, but the fees for artists shipped in from the states are up thanks to the falling Canadian dollar.

The Festival runs through Sunday at Prince’s Island Park as well as related venues like the Market Collective free stage in Eau Claire. Big tent setup began at the start of the week.